1 month Gold Plan


This package suits people who are willing to test our service for long enough before switching to the 1 year plan. want to have access to the largest variety of channels including American, English and all the other channels present in the Silver package.

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This premium package gives you access to 9000+ channels and movies accessible through video on demand updated on a daily basis. Compared to our Silver package, this one contains US and UK premium channels. So you will have all the channels included in the Silver package, plus US & UK channels.

Hassle free technology. No dish or box are required. All you need is a smart TV and an internet connection.

Watch instantly your favourite channels from all over the world. Thousands of HD American, Arabic or French movies updated on a daily basis. You can watch it on you Samsung/LG/ And some Sony TVs, tablet, smartphone or computer.

Our technology allows you to watch your favourite channels from any device. Computers, tablets, smartphones. Android and iOS are compatible.

Try our service for 24h and if you are not happy with it we will immediately refund you. No Questions Asked.​

Major Channels

Showtime, ESPN, BeIN Sport, Canal+, Aljazeera, MBC, ART, 2M, Al Oula. Click here to view the full list.

ADULT channels are also included in this package. They can be removed upon request.


This is not a box but a subscription to our service. You will use your own equipment along with a streaming software.

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